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Sydney-based aerialist & dance performer.


Wednesday is the twisted, sinister hellion your mother warned you about.

This high-concept, narrative-based performance witch uses elements of occultism and dark humour to satirise and comment on social constructs through avant-garde gender-bending exotic aerial acts (Lyra and Sling).

Wednesday is a professional aerial & dance instructor (lyra and sling) at Sky Sirens studio, Surry Hills.




Photography by Adam Deville, on location at Sky Sirens.



femme dom

A lyra-strip act that celebrates how a persons femininity is whatever the hell they want it to be. Gender and sexuality belong to the individual, and can be cut, copied, pasted and moulded into a hybrid of whatever elements we identify with most.


the jilted bride

An esoteric Lyra routine. Hell hath no fury like a woman, scorned. A bride jilted by her lover at the altar now haunts the earth, a shadowy, black-veiled spectre seeking revenge and putting fear in the hearts of all men with her fierce, ferocious but irresistible femininity. None can resist her hypnotic fury.

Wednesday - @etphemera BONUS.jpg

plastique fantastique

Erotica-meets-Lyra routine that expresses the ugly side of "beautiful", and the beautiful side of "ugly". Sexy plastic surgery patient, hyper-beauty, bandage bondage, expressing that beauty and ugly can be the same thing, ultimately that "we are all works of art".

Event photography by various. Feat Etienne Reynaud, Leslie Liu, and Chrystal Rebello.